PenguinRoot Spanish Verb Dictionary and Conjugator provides Spanish language students with a convenient tool to address verb conjugation, one of the most challenging aspects of learning Spanish. This extensive reference guide contains more than 2800 of the most commonly used verbs complete with multiple translated meanings and full conjugation in to 21 forms. The app also includes fully customizable flashcards for memorizing verb meanings and conjugations (Android version).

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  • Easy to use Spanish to English verb dictionary and conjugator / reverse conjugator
  • Includes customizable flashcards to practice memorizing verbs and conjugations
  • More than 2800 of the most common verbs fully conjugated
  • Useful for language students at all levels
  • Conjugations of verbs are given in 21 forms: present, past, and future for tenses for indicative, subjunctive, conditional and imperative moods
  • Both simple and compound conjugations are presented
  • Provides multiple English translations and meanings for many verbs
  • Search bi-directionally for verbs in Spanish and English
  • Verbs can be reverse conjugated to find infinitive and tense
  • Includes over 180 different verb conjugation models covering virtually all irregular conjugations encountered through normal usage
  • Greater than 172,000 word-forms are provided
  • Compact file size allows the application to be loaded on to devices with limited memory Database is stored offline so information is always available with no additional data usage charges

Please contact us with any comments, suggestions, corrections, or just to say "Hola!". We love hearing from you. Our researchers strive for perfection but every now and then we find a conjugation or translation that could be improved.
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